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Psycho-practices in Mistical Traditions from the Antiquity to the Present
Psycho-practices in Mistical Traditions from the Antiquity to the Present

Цена 240 грн.
Код 978-966-2079-36-4
Автор Сафронов А.Г. (Safronov A.)
Издательство Ритм Плюс
вес 0.000 кг.

 In the book a complex, retrospective research of a phenomenon of psycho-practices is made: their purposes, methods, philosophical substantiations, evolution, and interaction with other forms of spiritual life.  For the first time distinctions in religious, occult and esoteric psycho-practices are considered in this work.  
  It is shown that psycho-practices are the integral cultural phenomenon inherent in mankind at all stages of its development.  The special attention is given to the psycho-practices presented in the modern world.  In work such question, as a place of the changed conditions of consciousness in culture and religion, a religion role in formation and social type maintenance, cultural value of the esoteric psycho-practices are considered.  
  Philosophical and religious roots of modern psychotherapy, and also religious processes proceeding in it are revealed.  The book can be interesting as for theorists-- experts-culturologists, theologians, psychologists, and for the experts in corresponding sphere, and also for all who is interested in esoteric and nonconventional psychology.

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